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Broom Handles

Metal Tip Wooden Handle
Our heavy-duty metal tipped Wooden Handles provide sweeps and scrub brushes with extra strength and are made from choice wood for consistent dependability.

Item No. Size Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
B1260 15/16"x60" 12 17# 0.32
B1262 11/8"x60" 12 18# 0.79

Threaded Wood Handle
Our standard Threaded Wood Handles are made from choice wood, fit many products, and stand up to heavy use.

Item No. Size Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
B1060 15/16"x60" 12 13# 0.79

Tapered Wood Handle
Made from choice woods, our Tapered Wood handles have smooth finishes for an easy grip and are ideal for heavy, coarse sweeping.

Item No. Size Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
B1160 11/8"x60" 12 16# 0.79

Fiberglass Handle
Our yellow Fiberglass Handles are more durable and sanitary than wood, making them ideal for use in foodservice applications and hospitals. Fiberglass Handles come with with black, threaded nylon tips for use with a range of sweeps and scrubs.

Item No. Size Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
B1460 15/16"x60" 12 18# 0.79