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Grease & Heat Resistant Griddle Squeegee
Helps remove griddle cleaner liquid and debris after cleaning is completed. 16" long to ensure safe reach.

Item No. Pk. Case/Ctn. Cu.
M13012-L 1/12 10# 2.24

Window Squeegee
Lightweight plated frame and handle used for all types of window cleaning. Extra thick, heat and grease resistant blades backed by stiff rubber cushion.

Item No. Size Pk. Case/Ctn. Cu.
M13012 12" 12 6# 0.54

Moss Foam Rubber Squeegee
Soft double foam rubber for uneven, rough and smooth surfaces. Ideal for markets, warehouse and foodservice facilities. Quality construction and excellent value. Double blade is 3/4” thick. Uses standard 15/16” diameter handle.

Item No. Size Pk. Case/Ctn. Cu.
M10018 18" 6 9# 0.81
M10022 22" 6 12# 1.00
M10030 30" 6 14# 1.50

Plastic Moss Foam Rubber Squeegee
White polypropylene frame molded in splash guard. Soft double foam rubber is 3/4” thick. Will not corrode. Durable standard threaded socket handle.

Item No. Size Pk. Case/Ctn. Cu.
M22222 22" 6 4# 0.87