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Wire Brushes

Detail Brushes
With 3 x 7 construction on plastic handles, these brushes are ideal for getting into and around tight spaces. Available with nylon bristles for grout line and general cleaning, or corrosion resistant stainless steel bristles for heavy dirt, scale and deposit removal, all brushes are packaged 36 per case. Brush part is 1-3/8”. O.A.L. is 7-1/4”.

Item No. Type Pk. Wt.Ctn. Cu.
B861 Nylon 36 0.60# 0.04
B862 Stainless 36 0.60# 0.04
Trim length is 1/2”

Curved Handle Wire Brush
The contoured construction of our Curved Handle Wire Brush makes it perfect for cleaning hard to reach areas. Complete with a 1 3/8" plated steel scraper and 3" x 19" construction, the brush has a wood handle measuring 13-3/4” long and 7/8” thick and a 1-1/8” trim length.

Item No. Type Pk. Wt.Ctn. Cu.
B830 3"x19" w/Scraper 12 7# 0.30

Flat Wire Block Brush with Handle
With heavy-duty flat tempered steel wire bristles mounted on a 9” x 4” hardwood block, this brush is designed for the toughest cleaning jobs such as scraping stuck-on debris from butcher blocks, cutting boards and griddles. These brushes are great for concrete work or any application where very aggressive cleaning is required. The brush has 1-1/4” trim and a molded handle.

Item No. Type Pk. Wt.Ctn. Cu.
B850 8"x12" 12 21.6# 1.04

Deluxe Broiler Oven Brush
Combining medium-duty stainless steel wire bristles on one side with heavy-duty stainless steel wire bristles on the other, these broiler oven brushes are designed to remove heavy deposits, rust and burnt-on food buildup. Fitted with a 2-1/2" scrapper, the wooden head is specially treated to ensure it will stand up to hot ovens. Overall, the brush head measures 8” x 5” and comes with a heavy-duty 30” handle.

Item No. Type Pk. Wt.Ctn. Cu.
B802S Stainless 6 12# 1.33