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Grill Cleaning

Scour Pro® Power Cleaning System (Discontinued)
System comes complete with SCOUR PRO® unit, starter pads and battery charger.

Griddle Screen
For extra heavy-duty cleaning of debris from flat grill surface or other heavily built up areas. Only to be used in conjunction with a black cleaning pad.

Black Pad
For heavy-duty cleaning and to be used as a back up pad for grill cleaning screens.

Maroon Pad
For medium-duty general purpose cleaning on surfaces that will accept minimal scratching.

White Pad
For light-duty cleaning and polishing of sensitive surfaces.

Item No. Description Pk. Cu.
SPP-06 Scour Pro® Unit 1 EA. 0.31
GS106 Griddle Screen 10/10 0.17
GP406 Black Pad 1/40 0.28
617-6 Maroon Pad 1/40 0.28
98-606 White Pad 1/40 0.28

Grill Bricks
ACS Cleaning Products is the premier supplier of grill bricks to the foodservice Industry. This product cleans HOT residue–encrusted grills quickly with little effort. Will neither scratch grill nor lift surface cure. Individually wrapped grill bricks are 8” x 4” x 3-1/2”.

Item No. Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
GB12 1/12 7.0# 0.83

Grill Screens
Tough aluminum oxide abrasive eliminates the toughest burnt-on foods. Open mesh screen resists clogging. Fast cleaning action leaves no mess on the grill.

Item No. Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
20-682 10/20 3.5# 0.13
GS103 50/8 8.0# 0.40

Grill Pads
This is a dual-purpose 4" x 6" pad. Used with grill screen holder, the Grill Pad maximizes screen life and minimizes loading. Used alone, with holder, Grill Pad adds final polish to make future cleaning easier.

Item No. Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
46-673 1/20 1.0# 0.19
GP100 6/10 2.5# 0.65

Griddle “One-Piece” Scrubber
Tough, durable open weave pad cleans faster and lasts longer. Heat resistant handle is easy to use. Rinse clean for multiple uses.

Item No. Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
95370 1/10 3.0# 0.43

Grill Cleaning Kit
1 pkg. (20) Screens, (10) Grill Pads and (1) Griddle Pad Holder. Griddle Pad Holder is manufactured with high heat resistant resins, so it won’t melt or burn. Built to withstand heat up to 400°F. Gripping "fingers" hold pads firmly to holder.

Item No. Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
678 1/6 8.0# 0.20
Grill Pad Holder Available Separately
676 1/10 2.5# 0.32

Grill Pad Holder with Metal Base
Metal base holds grill pad and screens. Protects hands from burns and speeds cleaning. Heat resistant to 400°F, high-impact plastic handle.

Item No. Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
GH100 1/10 6.0# 0.43

Liquid Griddle Cleaner
Pre-mix of griddle cleaning liquid is fast and safe for use on food contact surfaces. Loosens and lifts grease and oil for easy removal. Available in 3 oz. portion packs or quart bottles.

Item No. Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
GC-36 1/36 10# 0.22
GC-QT 1/4 12# 0.30