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Scouring Pads

General Purpose Green Pad
Poly blend construction, medium abrasive, and general purpose cleaning. Designed for most daily cleaning jobs; rinses clean and last longer. Cleans equipment, kitchenware and other durable surfaces. Hand-size eliminates cutting or folding the larger pad. 

Heavy-Duty Green Pad
Thick, tough, poly blend construction, heavy-duty abrasive. Rugged yet flexible. Perfect for corners and hard to reach areas. Use where heavy, aggressive action is required.

All Purpose Maroon Pad
All purpose maroon pad made of tough non-woven material, impregnated with abrasive grain and bonded with synthetic resin. Ideal for removing rust and corrosion in surface preparation and cleaning.

Item No. Size Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
General Purpose
96-601 (6”x9”) 1/20 1.70# 0.26
SO96 (6”x9”) 6/10 4.00# 0.65
96-050 (3.5”x5.5”) 1/60 1.50# 0.41
480K (4.5”x6”) 1/60 2.15# 0.41
86-606 (6”x9”) 1/18 1.92# 0.26
S86 (6”x9”) 6/10 5.50# 0.74
617 (6”x9”) 6/10 4.00# 0.65

Anti-Microbial Green Pad
Anti-microbial treatment throughout the pad inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria, fungus, mold and mildew in the pad. Ideal for everyday scouring jobs. Perfect for cleaning vegetables. Removes baked-on and burnt-on foods. Use where heavy aggressive action is required.

Item No. Size Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
General Purpose
96-601A (6”x9”) 1/20 1.7# 0.26
SO96A (6”x9”) 6/10 4.0# 0.65
86-606A (6”x9”) 1/18 1.92# 0.26

Extra Heavy-Duty Blue Pad
Full 7/8" thick with extra heavy-duty abrasive. Tough poly blend. Open weave construction. Easily stands up to baked on foods and crusty equipment.

Item No. Size Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
SO88 (3.5”x6”) 4/10 2.0# 0.34
88-650 (3.5”x6”) 1/20 1.0# 0.19

Scratchless Power Pad
Hand-size, all-purpose power pad will provide excellent cleaning power with less scratch. Poly blended pad outperforms and outlasts all others.

Item No. Size Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
SP30 (4”x5.5”) 1/40 1.3# 0.28
SP2000 (4”x5.5”) 3/20 2.0# 0.52

Blue Sapphire Max Pad
The Blue Sapphire Max Pad is the toughest of them all. Will not scratch like a metal scrubber. Open weave design for easy rinsing. Pad is 6” x 4” x 5/8” thick. Removes the toughest burnt-on foods.

Item No. Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
75-2020 1/24 1.0# 0.27

Light-Duty White Pad
Non-abrasive pad; it is tough but gentle. Will not scratch. Specially designed for cleaning porcelain, ceramic, fine china and other delicate surfaces. Available in 6" x 9" or full 7/8" thick hand-size.

Item No. Size Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
98-604 (6”x9”) 6/10 3.0# 0.84
90-030 (3.5”x5.5”) 1/40 1.0# 0.42

Medium-Duty Stripping Pad
This special size poly pad is designed for reaching deeply into fryolators and other hard to reach areas.  Stripping Pads are long enough to grip with two hands for underneath and backside elements.

Item No. Size Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
94-609 (4”x25”) 1/24 8.0# 1.80