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"300" Series Stainless Steel Scrubber
The strongest and longest lasting Stainless Steel Scrubber available, its wideband construction and curly wire will not will not rust or splinter.

Item No. Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
10-100 (50g) 1/12 1.5# 0.16
* 10-100BX (50g) 6/12 14.0# 1.65 

"400" Series Stainless Steel Scrubber
Sturdy and economical, this Stainless Steel Scrubber will stand up to the toughest messes. 

Item No. Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
15-100 (50g) 1/12 1.5# 0.16
434PB (50g) 6/12 11.5# 1.50
* 434BX (50g) 6/12 14.0# 1.63
**434PP (50g) 6/12 11.5# 1.50
434SPB (35g) 6/12 7.0# 1.20

Brass Scrubber
Manufactured from soft brass wire, these Scrubbers are optimal for cleaning softer metals and great for use with detergents and cleaning solutions.

Item No. Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
BRASS-35 (Lg / 35g) 6/12 7.0# 0.60

Copper Mesh Scrubber - The "Kitchen Queen"
ACS' very first product, this knitted copper sponge will not scratch and is optimal for cleaning softer metals.

Item No. Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
3A (50g) 6/12 11.5# 1.50

Plastic Mesh Power Scrubber
Best used on Teflon®, Silverstone®, glassware and china, these Scrubbers are made from a non-abrasive filament and are ideal for cleaning the inside of microwave ovens.

Item No. Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
PS700 6/4 2.0# 0.61