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Bucket Wringers & Signs

Mopping Bucket/Wringer
Our 24 and 35 qt. buckets come with a side-press wringer.  Complete with a bilingual CAUTION logo imprinted on bucket and heavy-duty bumpers prevent wall damage, these bucket and wringer combos are the most popular in the industry.

Item No. Item Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
M8000 35 qt. Bucket 1 20# 5.56
M8003 24 qt. Bucket 1 4# 1.50

“Caution Wet Floor”
Our 26” tall, easel-type sign comes in safety yellow with two-sided bilingual imprinting and is our bucket/wringer's perfect companion.

Item No. Item Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
M8001 Caution Sign 1 2# 0.26