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Dust Mops

Blended Yarn Dust Mops
Made from a launderable cotton/synthetic fiber blend with polyester backing, our dust mops provide superior performance and durability. Their yarn will not fray or unravel even after repeated laundering. Snaps provide quick connections to dust mop frames. Each mop is individually packaged.

Item No. Size Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
M9118 (5"x18") 12 9# 1.10
M9124 (5”x24”) 12 14# 1.50
M9136 (5”x36”) 6 11# 2.50
M9148 (5”x48”) 6 12# 3.20
Blue Dust Mops
M9124B (5”x24”) 12 14# 1.50
M9136B (5”x36”) 6 11# 2.50

Disposable Blended Yarn Dust Mops
Our Disposable Dust Mops are made from blended cotton/synthetic fiber yarn with Typar backing. These dust mops feature a full tie back and sewn construction for long life. Each mop is individually packaged.

Item No. Size Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
M9224 (5"x24") 12 11# 1.50
M9236 (5”x36”) 6 15# 2.50

Zinc Plated Frames
Our heavy-gauge, Zinc Plated Frames are resistant to rust and corrosion. Complete with welded handle connection frames, these are the perfect dust mop accessories. Clip-on handles attach quickly and provide 360° maneuverability.

Item No. Size Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
M9518 (5"x18") 12 12# 0.30
M9524 (5”x24”) 12 14# 0.40
M9536 (5”x36”) 6 18# 0.60
M9548 (5”x48”) 6 22# 0.80

Dust Mop Handles
These clip-on handles attach quickly and easily to dust mop frames. Locking devices provide 360° maneuverability or can be locked into a rigid position. Our Dust Mop Handles are available in wood, fiberglass or vinyl coated steel.

Item No. Type Pk. Case/Wt. Cu.
M9550 Wood 12 26# 1.30
M9551 Fiberglass (Y) 12 26# 1.30
M9552 Steel (Blk) 12 26# 1.30