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Mop Basics

ACS Cleaning Products offers a wide variety mop heads to satisfy any application.  The following guide is intended to help our customers select the mops that best suit their needs.

Yarn - Because certain yarns are better suited to certain tasks than others, ACS Cleaning Products offers a wide variety of mops made from a wide variety of yarns.  It is important to understand that selecting the proper yarn will enable you to achieve maximum mopping efficiency.

Cut-End - More economical than other mop types, Cut-End mop heads tend to fray, lint and unravel with steady use. Non-launderable, these mops need to be replaced more often than other types.

Loop-End - Loop-End mops resist tangles, lint and fraying for more efficient and longer lasting use.  Tough enough to stand up to heavy use, these mops have a sewn-in tail band that provides wide surface coverage without gaps. Some Loop-End Mops may be laundered with care.


Yarn Advantages Disadvantages Applications
COTTON Good absorption and retention.
Low initial cost.
Needs to be broken in.
Lints and is slow drying.
General Use
BLENDS Ideal choice for performance, durability
and price. Synthetic fibers add color.
May shrink over time. Professionals who require
a better, more durable mop.
SYNTHETIC Synthetic yarn fights bacteria, mold and
mildew while providing superior strength.
Higher cost. Not as
Clean rooms & rough surfaces.
RAYON Quick absorption & release. Dries fast,
is mildew resistant and lints less.
Less liquid retention. Applying liquids for finishes
and disinfectants.